GF Olympia

Grandes Flammes Olympia

Rotisol's traditional rustic rotisserie, the OLYMPIA, is an attractive showpiece for any restaurant or kitchen and is used by chefs in Michelin starred restaurants around the world.

The OLYMPIA range of professional Grandes Flammes rotisseries offers luxury equipment for the most demanding gastronomy. The OLYMPIA range is a sign of rustic know-how, characterised by equipment with visible chains and pulleys, whose appearance evokes the spirit of traditional cooking.

Caractéristiques :

  • Carrosserie émail noire + ferrures laiton ou Inox.
  • Rôtissoire rustique à chaînes avec 1 système ficelle intégré.
  • Vitres de protection sécurit K.GLASS (gain d’énergie).
  • Robinetterie gaz et commutateurs électriques en laiton massif ou chromé.
  • Éclairage intérieur protégé par verre vitrocéramique.
  • Toit inclus.

Magnificent appearance of the Grandes Flames thanks to its visible flames.

Rustic pulleys and removable drive chains.

Heat recovery through decorative fire clay bricks.

Solid brass gas control knobs and switches.

Integrated vertical cooking system for vertical cooking.

Intermediate cooking tray.

Greece container equipped with a grease splash collection channel to avoid the leakage for perfect hygiene and safety against accidents.

Motors stop when glass doors are opened.